For over 30 years we have been breeding short, straight-legged Jack Russell Terriers, again named Llangybi. Typically 10” – 11” in height the Jack Russell’s are bred from both working and pet strains – ideal for hunting, rabbiting, ratting or simply as a family pet sat in front of the rayburn, in the cab of the tractor or walking to the pub, all of them to the kindest temperament.

Our dedication and commitment to breeding the best Jack Russells are comended in the Collins book titled ‘Jack Russell Terrier’ An Owners Guide written by Robert Killick.


“This book is dedicated to my friend Clive Hoyles, a master breeder of Welsh Cobs and working Jack Russell Terriers under his prefix ‘Llangybi’. I thank him for showing me the way with Llangybi Mister Chips, the most maddening but loveable Terrier I’ve ever had, and I’ve had a few! “

Kitty Jr Terrier